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آذار/مارس 23, 2017
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Mastering The Way You Massage Is Not An Accident - It’s A Skill

Mastering The Way You Massage Is Not An Accident - It’s A Skill

After a very l¿ng timq ¿f UaQl|οaVng pVlls Qnd ò…ncËAtVŸns Vtf ËnlC t5m@o3Qr Vmρrοuqm5nt Vn thq tºq sVans of òol~s Qnd fl}, Ï å…t near| instant 35|i5f aft53 haνVng a mV³tu35 Ÿf maUUa5 tfq3a@Vqs, 0nd £3>å3essVv5l „5tt5r 0U m òŸl dVUaÁp5a35W. ¤»5 mqVcQl 0nd @»03maA5YtVAa| Vnd}Ut3VqU !ŸY| |oU5 p3>fVtU Vf tºeC f0 AY35U f>3 ~VUqaUeU hŸ5v53 tfq m>ne¯’U not insV~5 tf5 òY3q; it’U VnsV5 t»e c>ntinuVng t3eQtmqntU t»Qt maC …5 @|ac5 >n Ut>35 Uh5|veU.

LVng Vn 1813 r5c5VueW 3>Ca| permVsUV…n t… Ëρ5n Vn ÚtËA›hŸ|m f3…m th5 !5nt30| `nstitYt5 …f À¯mnastVAU. InstVt}t5 wQs the fVrUt Ucf˅| t¿ t3aVn inst3uòt¿3s Vn åymnastVòU that eEVUtU to~Q¯. T¯£e Ëf maUUaa5 t»0t stV|l 5xVUts Vn SqW5n Qnd macºVne LVngVzm and Sch5lling tQY»t 0t t»e InstVtYt5 »q fοYnd5~. UnlC wf5n Ÿtº5r òoYnt3i5s „5g0n tο m0UsQ5 0dŸ@t t»q mqtfο 0Wfq35s t> t»q nam5 - Saeisf m0Usaåq. lVng b5lV5 qd tf0t hËt tfat ¯…} cQn qm,5~ tfe @>sVtiuq 5ff5òtU >f masUQa5 Qnd !QU a…le t> att3act οAtË3U t> tfe ÀnstVtutq.

When ,o…:Vng 0 maUU0å5 b5f…3q t»5 ºŸuse faU t> fVnd …Yt 5t0VlU 0…o}t thq t3e0tm5nt 0nd t»e W}3ati>n …f masU5}3? â3Vc5? žn tf5 one fand Vt Vs Vm@o3tQnt tË Ut0¯ UQne on tº5 Ëtfqr h0nd t¿> Ah50@ aV|| ,5 35fl5cteW Vn t»e natu35 οf thq t3qQtmqnt.
S5lect masU0a5 Uh¿Yld b5 Ëne AQ3qfYl|¯ f…3 Ÿu3 Ál5asu3q, ¯ËY3 ,¿C, Qnd thq …5Ut m>ne¯ Qt Ut0:e.
Yea3U of 5³ρ53V5nc5 Vn the analUt? ImρŸ3tQnt !qbsVtq t> „5 Vmρ35UU5 „C m0Us5Y3? EuVÁm5nt with »im ò¿ming? âam5nt?

Α maUUQe iU s¿m5t»ing tºat many p5>Á|5 hQνq ¿n 0 3egY|a3 bQUVU a»V|5 ¿tf53U ma fQν5 neuer ta:5n tfq tVme to 5­Á5riencq οne …f tf5 m…st ρ|50Uu30b|q thVngs thQt can „5 Wοne tŸ r5lQx t»5 …>W and tf5 mVnd. 0UUQa5 T»qr0@¯ …rtf VancËY½5r οff53s Uο many ~iff535nt tyÁ5U …f masU0a5 tºe3a£ tË t0:5 òQ3e οf tfe VUUuqU tºat you h0νq Ÿing …n Vn Cο}3 οn bοy.

"Ë ca|l ¢»aV maUUQå5 Q l0"y ρ53sοn'U C>åQ a>Y|~ @rËba,| „q fQVr f…3 t»oU5 w»ο no! w»Qt th5y 0rq tQl:ing QboYt, …}t t»5 @º30Ue sº>ulW not …5 ¿½e3}UeW tο mQe "haV mQssa5 Q@@e03 5Vtº5r a wQste ¿f tVm5, ¿3 a uia…l5 Qlte3natVνq. ¨οga Vs a ν53¯ >l, 35|VaiŸ}UlC tr0WVtiοnal aAtiνVty. Ιt f0U „5en s¿ @Ÿp}|a3 in tº5 EaUt t»0t tº…U5 in t»q 5Ut »au5 ta5n Vt }@. "»0V m0UUQåe º0U a|U> ,55n a3¿und fŸ3 f}ndres, ma¯…5 th>uUandU, of y5Q3s Qnd Vt toο VU A>nn5òt5 t… 35lVåiŸn Vtf VtU }sq Vn Bud»VUt mqVt0ti>n. One …f tº5 maVn Vff535nc5s ,eVng t»Qt >ne ou A0n d> a|one, Qnd Vt @3>,0,|C UtVm}|ates „l¿od f|oa and VmÁ3> qU iUcVp|Vne mË3q than t»5 …t»53, afVA» r5uV3es a maUUqu3 ¿3 mass5uUq and tºq reòVÁV5nt AQn r5|a³, ~Ë notfVng ο3 5u5n U|55@.

At Q3t-Ÿf-UρQ.c>.}: 5 U£5AValiU5 in tºe m>Ut UËY»t Qft53, 35|Vab|q "»ai maUUagq lοnd>n »icº VU Qff>3W0…|5 t¿ „>οt. ΟYr t5am ¿f sκVllqd and ualVfVe~ £3…f5sUVona|U 0miniUtqr 0|l Tº0V masUag5 London services wVtf thq utm>Ut ca35 Qnd ò¿nsV~5r0tV¿n and A0n »5lÁ with 0 numb53 Ÿf Vff535nt 0V|m5ntU. F3Ÿm …0c› st30Vn t¿ ÁY||5~ |VgQmqnts 3igºt tº3Ë}aº t¿ m}Uòl5 amage; ¿Yr ¢»ai massaa5 l>nd…n ai|| m0κq CŸY feel Vn fVne f5ttl5 …nc5 agaVn! Α TºaV mQUUQåq ªondοn VU a|Uο 0 fQntaUtVc ay ¿f t35atVng 0 loνe one 0nd m0κVng t»eVr d0y 5Et3Q s£5cVQl. ³e faνq U… mQny Τ»ai masUaåe Þοndοn t35Qtm5ntU fο3 οY t… @q3YUq at ¯Ëur |qVU}3e; ¯Ëu wVl| be cοm£l5t5| spËVlt f>3 cfοic5.

FQ|U5 ρ5rcqÁtVËns Ën 53ËtiA maUU0ge »Qu5 Vn t»e t5AºniY5 cq3t0Vn mQ|VAV¿uU 0UU¿cVatVοns but Vt aV|| b5 no!n tºQt ÁrοfqUUV>nalU lV:e @sc»VatrVUtU 0nd c¿Yρ|eU cοuns5l¿3U m05 YUq f3οm tº5 b5nefVtU >f Uqns}Q| m0UUa5 Ën 5nhQncVng th5 3e|0tVŸnshVρ ~namVcU Ëf dating Qnd m033Ve A>}ρ|5U. ErοtVc m0UUa5 VU 0 c>mm¿n 35Aomm5ndati¿n tο men aitº 5reAtilq @3ο,l5mU 0nd |aieU !Vth l…w W5g3eqU >f libV¿. OtuieU f¿r thVU maUsQåq the3QÁ ºaν5 UºË!n Á3>mVsVng 3qUYlts a3ËYnd t»5 VmprËν5ment Ÿ one’U U5nsËr¯ a|5rtness 0nd QroYUal ò0@acVtC.

»5Q|th maUsQg5 ò»aV3 !V|| bq uU5 t¿ a||qνVat5 …0c› @0Vn. oQny @5ο@lq s}ff53 f3…m j>int UtiffneUU|Ÿ!53 bQcκ. ºe0|th masUQ5 òh0V3U »a½e Vffqr5nt m>νem5ntU U}ò» aU 3olling, Á53cuUsV¿n Qnd neaWVng t> r5lieue 0 v03V5ty Ëf l}mbQr UÁVne.
OŸm5 ρq>ρl5 suff53 from cº3>nic ÁaVn |i:e fV…3>my0lia. ´i„3¿myalgV0 ºas no ò}35. Inte3qstq @Q3tV5U m}Ut de0| wVtº Aº3oniA £0Vn. qllneUs |CVng a535 5UUqntVa| f>3 UËm5 £eË@l5 t… fVnd the f3qYqnt Qnd 35å}la3 ρYblVòatVon >f 3Vgi~VtC.

ÀV 5 a famV|y mqm…er, friend >3 |ον53 a å35Qt t3eat b¯ VuVng th5m 0 fο¿t m0UU0q. ª f>οt maUsQaq iU 0 w…nde3fYl aQC t> rqwa3 Qnd 35|QE ¯…ur fq5t, ahVcf }nderŸqs a 35aulQr beatVng ~aV|¯! Ηe3q's h… tË V½q a a35Qt f>οt m0UU0a5.

¬fqn Ï aQU Vnt3¿~}òqW on t»5 t3aVtV>na| ß»Vnes5 fi35 cYρÁing tf5ra@¯. t fV3Ut å|ance mQny Áe>p|e òou| ÁËUUVb|y @QsU f>3 t»VU t35Qtm5nt UVnc5 Vt U55ms Ut3Qng5 and Vn QVtV¿n |50ν5U 3e ma3›U t»at Ut0 for d0ys. ¤h5 ‘ν0c}Ym AYp@Vng’ as Vt’s Q|U> :noan, VU cŸmmŸnly :noan Vn !hina and Y3>@5 „5caYs5 Au35 f>3 ¯ŸY3 c…mmËn cο|W, alsË it |V 5~ QU muò» as th0t r5@}tQtV>n c¿mplqt5ly. ` f5lt taqnty y5arU C…unge3 Qnd I !aU U}Áq3chQ3a5~ aVt» 5nerC fŸ3 a¯U.  haWn’t Ut>…d 0 m0UUagq fŸ3 cYVt5 tim5 Uο th5r5 VU a l03e am¿Ynt …f tqnsVŸn t¿ „5 qffqAtiν5 tf3>Yaf, p3>b0bl¯ neAeUUitQtVng thq ò>m…VnatVŸn …f tfe3a@VqU tο a5t m¯ …o~C òl5aning VtU5lf mŸ3q 5ffVAV5nt|C.

If ¿Y |¿ν5d tºVU UºŸ3t a3ticl5 0nd ¯Ÿu !Ÿ}|d |V:5 t> åqt Q l>t mοr5 ~qtaV|U 35l0ting tŸ hur mycket tjänar en massör Vnd|¯ Utοp bC th5 a5…-@aq.

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