Penetration of 30 cal rifle round

Jun 24, - While the ATF tried to re-categorize the M ammo as armor piercing (update: it didn’t work), the heavier hitting military surplus M2 AP round is still currently legal at the federal level. M2 AP ammo is military surplus ammo from WWII chambered for the Has the Caliber's Time Passed for Deer? Antonina. Age: 26. *Talented with oral I never really thought about it that much. Testing Armor Piercing military surplus against Steel, Concrete, Hardened AR Plate, and other. Regina. Age: 18. I know how to please you .30-06 Springfield May 25, - Cartridge, Caliber, Armor Piercing, M2 TM M2 AP. Penetration, fired at 7/8-inch ( mm) thick homogeneous armor plate at yards (91 m), will be not less than inch ( mm). The cartridge is identified by a black bullet tip. Type Classification: OBS - MSR Along with the M1 Carbine, Winchester designed the new Carbine cartridge by modifying the old Winchester Self-Loading cartridge. The Carbine (x33mm) was originally designed to fire a caliber, gr full metal jacket bullet at just under 2, feet per second. Though the Carbine was certainly no.

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Marica. Age: 27. Touring: Hong Kong 27th Jul - 1st of August 2017 Singapore 2nd - 6th of August 2017 Oct 4, - So, aside from collecting c&R guns, I dabble in ammo collecting too.I just received an unopened box of St. Louis factory made caliber M2 Armor Piercing Ammo, and it got me wondering does anyone now how much armor plate this round was designed to penetrate? I have only found 1 tidbit in an. Dec 23, - But this appears to be the case. Intresting. Could the difference be in the slightly smaller diameter of the cal bullet? Could it be the JHP/JSP bullets usually associated with the, instead of the RN FMJ used in the Carbine? One wonders if a FMJ RN in Mag would penetrate like the Carbine. May 14, - The main exception to this is large-for-caliber bullets, such as the grain bullet for a Springfield mentioned above. feature a thicker or tapered jacket, often bonded to the bullet's core, in order to provide for deep penetration and controlled expansion while retaining most of the bullet's weight.


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