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The Bagh-i-Muattar, for those unfamiliar with it, is Crowley's meditation on spiritualized homosexuality. 2. In , Column XXI, no. 10, we read that the Eye of Hoor corresponds to the buttocks and the anus. This is, no doubt, a weird attribution for most people - it is for me anyway. Of course, this is the Eye that was gouged. Understanding God's Government - Paul W. Syltie - Google Книги Gracie. Age: 22. I'm Gia a sweet little blonde from the Mid-West Not logged in Log in Help. Sodomy has its own secret chamber on the cabalistic tree of life. With King's attribution of the anus to this Emblem, we find something validin that anal sex was important to Crowley as we learn through such work as the Bagh-I-Muattar. The development of the Eye of Hoor is a little known thing, but it was part of my education in the years of where I was taught nearly every day. Inari. Age: 24. I am offering an entertainment to men or women within united kingdom Tree of Life:The Perfected Man The answer is actually in Liber , column XXI: “The Eye of Hoor-the Buttocks and Anus” This attribution is assigned to Malkuth. The technique in question refers to homosexual anal sex. Crowley himself was bisexual and often performed this practice. He did so in his invocation ofthe 30 Aethyrs with Victor Neuburg. The Eye in the Abyss is the Eye of the Sun, the Eye of Hoor, which for certain reasons is identified with the anus. That is why it is said, of “Satan's” worshippers, that they “kissed the anus of a black goat” In Ancient Egypt, in a certain ritual where each part of the Initiate's body was put in relation with each corresponding part.

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Jessie. Age: 29. My e-mail: stella It is interesting to note that the eye atop the pyramid refers to the genitals, the Eye of Hoor, which is the anus according to Mullins. This signifies the homosexual or bisexual commitment of the present ruling class, in the lineage of Canaanite phallic worship. Satan, being spirit, cannot reproduce as can humans, and in his. Jun 8, - (the Neck); 4 Chesed, 5 Geburah: Neith (the Arms); 6 Tiphareth: The Mighty and Terrible One (the Breast); 7 Netzach, 8 Hod: The Lords of Kereba (the Reins); Nuit (the Hips and Legs); 9 Yesod: Asar and Asi (the Phallus and Vulva); Sati (the Spine); 10 Malkuth: The Eye of Hoor (the Buttocks and Anus). Nint— the/ and V ni vi Sali— the Spine The Eye of Hoor— the But- lock* and Anus Shu Nostril Ovrii Seb. Lower (i.e. uo»edde(5) I*is and Nephthv* Nu. 10 dm Ma 19 AsM (as Hanged Mani, Hekar, his 23 Cack Set Khtphra Nostril Reins Anubi Asl«Ra Horuf, Tarpesheth: XVIII.' XVII.* XVI. • The Empress Scale ot Colour ml.


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