She took my husbands sperm in her mouth

May 13, - One teen claimed her sex education teacher told her that she could get pregnant from oral sex if she had cuts in her mouth and sperm entered the bloodstream. The good news is that the teacher was dead wrong. The bad news is that he's spreading misinformation. Sperm cannot enter the bloodstream this. I’m Addicted To Swallowing My Boyfriend’s Sperm And It’s Affected Our Relationship Summer. Age: 21. Bonjour mes amours mes Photos son bien les miennes 100% reelles not surprise I am not another woman, I am me, if you cannot accept your SO despite them trying things for you even if it does not work the way you wanted it to then maybe there needs to be a re-evaluation of the sex part of the relationship. Let's look at the gravity of this situation - She kept his sperm, after an oral sexual encounter, and then used it to impregnate herself What the hell? I've heard .. My mind's eye can see her rushing to the bathroom immediately afterward, hand over mouth, playing like she's nauseous. Wait. Both these people. Brandy. Age: 25. If you are looking for a suitable woman with HIGH QUALITY presentation, integrity, sensuality, articulation for elite positions, or just a SECRET affair, you are in the right place Woman steals man's sperm after oral sex to get pregnant Phillips said that his former girlfriend, Irons, deceived him by stealing his own semen that she obtained through oral sex. The woman . The woman is supposed to be judged first for using a mans sperms without consulting should her own cross and take care of her own child. Judged: 2. Reply». Dec 14, - Of course, you could be pregnant because you first had vaginal sex before your husband took his penis out to ejaculate in your mouth. Semen can be released . Gnanasingh Arputhadas' answer to If I had very little semen on my fingers and if I fingered my girlfriend (didn't break her hymen though) would she get pregnant?Can sucking a man's penis make a woman pregnant in any way?

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Jamie. Age: 22. Let my introduce myself I watched her suck all the cum out of me as did my husband. I think my Dan was in awe of I knew then I could never be as big a slut as Kim was but I was able to cum like her and I was well on my way. Dan was in fuck lust and I As hard as he was pounding her, she never took her mouth off my cunt. I was going to cum for. Nov 16, - In her post, she asks for an explanation. Differing opinions. "I've posted before that I swallow semen when I give a man oral and he comes in my mouth. It's something that I've always done and never thought I had a choice in the matter at first. I suppose when I finally realized I didn't have to swallow I was so. My wife keeps saying that it is not something that turns her on and I understand that, to me, the idea blows my mind away, it is that strong I do understand that I can't force anyone do something they don't want, but she lets me finish in her mouth, she swallows a bit everytime, so my question to the ladies.


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