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Eproctophilia (fart fetish) is a sexual fetish, most commonly in straight men in which they receive arousal from their partner's flatulence. It is sometimes seen as a lighter form of coprophilia, aka people and only a slim minority of them like it. Instead, the majority of them enjoy the smell and/or sound their partner's farts make. We Talked To People Who Get Off On Farts | Dose Delotta. Age: 24. i can make good massaje also Be in the know! Further research is needed to assess the extent to which this case study is representative of eproctophiles more generally, and whether the etiological and developmental pathways are more complex than that described in this instance. Feb 17, - A brief look at fart fetishes. Olfactophilia is a paraphilia in which individuals derive sexual pleasure and arousal from smells and odours. to be sexually arousing (i.e., the person had to fart while fully clothed as it sounded better, and the smell was longer-lasting, and the farts had to be acrid smelling). Randi. Age: 29. Hey guys 50 Shades Of Smell: What Sex Fetish Is Eproctophilia? Before you ask the question I know you'll ask, yes. I have smelled a woman's fart while she was fully aware of me doing so. I've had this fetish 4chan Fart Fetish: copypasta - Reddit. Jul 28, - I set up a bet at some point and intentionally lost, with the wager being the right to fart in the loser's face for a week. I continued to lose such bets once every few weeks for about two years." He said he enjoys both the "sound and the smell" of flatulence. Professor Mark Griffiths, lecturer at Nottingham Trent.

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Lexie. Age: 27. I am honest, passionate and very open minded person Nov 11, - Unless you have a particularly niche fetish, there probably isn't a human alive that relishes the smell of another person's farts. Our own, however, are a different matter. We're not suggesting you. My foray into the world of eproctophilia — a sexual fetish characterized by fart-lust — began when I stumbled upon a trove of James Joyce's love letters. In , the Irish Fat dirty farts came spluttering out of your backside. by farts. The article pointed out that “olfactophilia” — sexual arousal via smell — was nothing new. Jan 31, - damonnews.info damonnews.info Fart Fantasy: damonnews.info


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