Precancer of the vulva

Jan 16, - The stage of a vulvar cancer is the most important factor in choosing treatment. Other factors that affect this decision include the exact location of the cancer on the vulva, the type of vulvar cancer, your age, your preferences, and your overall health. Because vulvar cancer is rare, it's hard to study it well. Can Vulvar Cancer Be Prevented? Karlie. Age: 30. Asian angel now in stockholm central pls visit my website for details www Women who have been treated for VIN have a risk that it will come back recur. Jan 16, - Topical therapy means the drug is a cream or ointment put right onto the cancer. This is a way to treat vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia (VIN), but it's not used to treat invasive vulvar cancer. Topical chemotherapy for VIN does not work as well as laser treatment or surgery. One choice is to apply the. Juelz. Age: 24. My charm and beauty will add sparkle to your day Interactive Tools Jan 16, - Symptoms such as vulvar itching, rashes, moles, or lumps that don't go away could be caused by vulvar pre-cancer and should be checked out. If vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia (VIN) is found, treating it might help prevent invasive squamous cell vulvar cancer. Also, some vulvar melanomas can be. Medical Advice. Vulval Cancer. What is vulval cancer? The vulva is part of the skin and vulval cancer is therefore a type of skin cancer. Skin cancers that occur on other parts of the skin also can happen on the vulva. Cancer can be dangerous because it can spread from its original location to other places like your lungs and.

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Nicki. Age: 22. Naughty and playful by nature, easily qualified as sensual sweet and refined woman Abnormal cells develop in the surface layers of the skin covering the vulva. It is not vulval cancer. But it could turn into a cancer. This may take many years. Some doctors call it pre cancer although many women with VIN will not develop cancer. There are different grades of VIN. The grade refers to the thickness of the surface. Vulval intra-epithelial neoplasia (VIN) refers to changes that can happen in the skin that covers the vulva. The vulva is the outer area of a woman's genitals. VIN is not cancer, and in some women it disappears without treatment. However it may develop into cancer after many years, so VIN is known as a pre-cancerous.


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