Masturbation and sin

Some interpret this passage to say that “spilling your seed” is a sin. However, that is not what the passage is saying. God condemned Onan not for “spilling his seed” but because Onan was rebellious. Onan refused to fulfill his duty to provide an heir for his deceased brother. The passage is not about masturbation but about. Is Masturbation Sin? - RELEVANT Magazine April. Age: 21. I am a 20 year old college student, your girl next door Where did Christianity come from? Dec 3, - What does God say about masturbation? Here are ten reasons to resist the temptation with all your might. Akira. Age: 30. Hello!i'm adella - a chic,very sensual and sexy girl with good education and good sens of humor!if you looking for a high class escort - call me and i promise you a great-great time toghether! Questions and Concerns About Masturbation Oct 19, - Many of you have asked, "Is masturbation a sin?" Let's take a look at the controversial topic of masturbating, what the Bible has to say about glorifying God with our body, and the real issue at heart. Jul 2, - Most people aren't willing to even say the word, much less willing to have a discussion about it. Two of our writers, Jesse L. Eubanks and Josh Hatcher, address the issues of lust, sexual immorality and ultimately whether masturbation is sin. About the Authors. Jesse L. Eubanks is the worship director for.

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Kira. Age: 18. Hi ! I'm real deal with real pictures so here will be not regrets I will do my best to make all your erotic fantasies come true Thank you so much for your honest enquiry about masturbation being a sin. It is important for us to discuss first the basic biblical teaching about sex; and then some issues concerning masturbation. God created us with a capacity not only to be sexual but to enjoy it. His command to Adam and Eve, to "be fruitful and multiply". Masturbation is much more common than you think, but nobody ever wants to talk about it because it's one of those 'things' we keep hidden about ourselves. No one wants to admit it because it's taboo. But here on teens, we don't need no stinkin' taboos. Bring it on. Is sexual self-stimulation a serious sin, or just a harmless and natural way of releasing sexual energy? What can a person do to break the habit of masturbation if he or she is feeling guilty or uneasy about it?


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