9 volt battery on the anus

named after a funny joke: Q what is the similarity between a 9 volt battery and a womans butthole? A even though you know it is wrong, you feel the. What do a 9 volt battery and a butthole have in common? | Yahoo Answers Kennedy. Age: 24. I can also escort you for your business dinners or travels For the United States, you can find a directory of poison control centers at: They stress the importance of the removing of the foreign bodies as soon as possible. Sep 10, - Try it and tell us. I like your source of thought, youll grow up to be a very sophisticated person. 8. Sophia. Age: 18. The one and only black independent, exotic, exclusive, eloquent, ebony companion for the upscale gentleman What do a 9 volt battery and a butthole have in common? Jul 9, - You know it's wrong, but sooner or later you"re gonna touch it with your tongue. Sep 3, - Long story short, the electrical current caused the tips of my hair to bleach out and made my poopy like those potatoes in science class. But who knows 9 volt could kill ya or make ya into the next STATIC SCHOCK!! That would be cool! No electricity bill that's for sure hehehe I'm so alone. Happy Shabba.

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Sexy. Age: 28. Then SKYE is the only choice on Aug 12, - To enable a researcher to answer your question, you should clarify what kind of battery you are asking about: Ordinary household batteries (found in flashlights and radios), button-size batteries (found in watches, calculators etc.) or some kind of speciality use battery (high-voltage batteries used by some. Dec 3, - I meant pennies! You're a majestic piece of shit you know that? I now love you. This guy licks butthole. Don't say that, in reality I'm just another 9V battery. That's disgusting. I would never lick a battery. Oddly enough the taste isnt far off. If it's not fully discharged, you might get a bit of a shock when you lick it. Mar 11, - Q: What does a girls ass hole and a 9 volt battery have in common? A: You know it's wrong but sooner or later you will stick your tong on it. frost Uploaded 03/11/ 9. Ratings. 1, Views; 6 Comments; 0 Favorites; Flag. Share; Tweet; Stumble; Email; Pin It. Tags: hole butt shock tong stick funny.


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