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Jul 21, - Although the anus does not produce these gases, the anus serves as an exit hole for these gases to be released. The vibration of the anal opening is the cause for the noise when a fart is made. The sound will depend on the tightness of the sphincter muscle, the speed of the travelling gas, moisture, as well. Anal fissure - Better Health Channel Santa. Age: 20. Probably the most bubbly girl you will ever meet It usually lasts about ten minutes max. So, having said all that, we think that doing this DIY do-it-yourself method is your best option. 3) Apply petroleum jelly to your butt hole before you go to bed It really helped me and hopefully will work for you too:D 4) DRINK LOTS OF WATER! I drank 2, liter bottles throughout the day. Just make sure your stools aren't watery ;) 5) Fill up a bucket or bath up with water and put in 1 1/2 tbsp coconut oil. Sit in this for. Arina. Age: 27. If you are getting curious..just write me - you won't regret ;-) Anal itching (itchy bottom) keep baby powder in freezer. wash your ass and powder your butthole. powder ur brown eye throughout the day. Posted by ButtHole Itches on 25/07/ at I found that wearing loose underwear helped a lot. Posted by Peter on 19/07/ at My bum hole itches a lot, particularly early in the morning and in the. In fact, wearing tight underwear or having poor skin care habits can INCREASE melanin – which makes your skin darker. Anal bleaching reverses this process to help you achieve a light and sparkly bum hole. Whitening treatments for your intimate areas, such as the anus, vagina and nipple, used to be exclusively available.

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Inessa. Age: 28. Hello and thank you for visiting my page You may giggle over it at first – but you can bet your partner will be pretty damn excited when they see your shiny new bum hole! DIY at-home anal bleaching is becoming more and more popular as a safe and effective way to whiten the darker skin around your anal region – WITHOUT having to let the rest of the world know. The anus is the hole in the middle of your buttocks. When you poop or fart, you're using your anus. Self-help for anal fissures. Be guided by your health care professional, but general suggestions include: Apply petroleum jelly to the anus. See your chemist for advice on ointments specific for anal pain. Take regular sitz (salt bath) baths, which involves sitting in a shallow bath of warm water for around 20 minutes. Use baby.


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