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Sep 21, - Even though it may feel like mission impossible, you can give her multiple orgasms. Here's exactly how to touch her to get her there.​. 5 Types Of Orgasms -- And How To Have More Of Each | HuffPost Angell. Age: 30. I enjoy travelling, good food & wine & also being spoilt. According to a study from the Journal of Sexual Medicine , the longer sex lasts, the more likely you are to experience the big O. The power of touch is more important than you know. Jun 14, - Discover the four secrets to giving a woman multiple orgasms. Use these tips, and you may double—or triple—her pleasure. Averi. Age: 18. I'm your playful yet naughty dancer who loves to be completely naked Sexual Facts About Women: What Are Multiple Orgasms And How To Achieve The 'Double O' Sep 7, - Multiple orgasms can occur a mere one or two minutes after the initial climax for women. How Can Women Achieve Multiple Orgasms? While they seem to be an elusive myth, multiple orgasms are possible — and anyone can experience them. Reaching orgasm is one of the peaks of sexual experience, but surprisingly, this can be challenging for a lot of women. Apparently, one-third of women have never had.

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Caprice. Age: 28. Hello gentlemen and thank you for your interest in possibly meeting me! Oct 16, - or an entire evening, says REDBOOK Love Network expert Lou Paget, author of The Big O. And it's easier for women to have multiple O's than for men because the female body doesn't go through a post-orgasm recovery period, meaning we can stay aroused longer and get heated up again and again. Jan 18, - Sometimes it's possible for women to achieve multiple orgasms, but they don't know how. Follow these hot tips to get started. Mar 14, - The truth is, almost every woman has the potential to have multiple orgasms—with or without a partner. It's one of multiple (ha!) reasons it's great to be a woman. Even though the female orgasm is more difficult to achieve than the male orgasm, once you find your orgasmic groove, you won't be able to stop!


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