Alum to tighten the vagina

Mar 12, - white alum block What is alum and what is it used for? Alum powder or potassium alum is a chemical compound with multiple benefits like teeth whitening, leather tanning, water purification, after shave treatment and many more. It is used frequently to tighten loose vagina. Does alum tighten your vagina? Alum For Vaginal Tightening | Vaginal Tightening Memphis. Age: 27. Outcall sexy blonde with big tits! Tel Aviv and near area, guys, I'm kinda lonely and need some company! Because more washes make more dryness in vagina. I apply it with hot water so it can melt. Jun 23, - I recently listened to a friend of mine narrate how her vagina had undergone a '' radical transformation'' from loose to tight after using dozes of alum to shrink back her vagina and make it tighter. The only way I ever got to see alum used was when it was dipped in water for purification and also used to wash. Elexis. Age: 23. Im tall dark beautiful and curvy Vaginal elasticity: Alum to the rescue? I made this video back in to explain to all women how to apply Alum powder in order to fake their. Will it how can i get my vagina to shrink? Is possible? Curious (19 year old woman). The first one is home.

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Caprice. Age: 21. Sexy elegantly discreet lady waiting for your call Gentelmen Get more information about alum powder. Mar 18, - What does it make vaginas tight again? White or potassium aluminum sulfate alum uses for tightening loose vagina temporarily, safe easy natural vag tightener solution that work. Jun 20, - However, Dr Daley said women do have safe options where it comes on to tightening the vagina. First is to practice the Kegel exercises which strengthen the pelvic floor and prevent the vagina from losing its elasticity from the outset. This is the same action one uses to stop urine. Daley explained that.


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