Lipstick on my boob

Jul 23, - Then there's my red lipstick. I can honestly tell you I never wore anything on my lips prior to a year ago. I was an eyes girl. But we all change. I'm still perfecting the process the primer, the liner, the lipstick man leave it to women to over complicate a coloring stick. I love my perfect boobs. I adore my pink. Shallow Latch/Lipstick Nipple Sammie. Age: 29. No extra photos, so don't ask Join Date Jun Posts 10, I don't think it really would give comfort to the everyday person battling breast cancer, but I applaud Geralyn for sharing her story and her experience with the world. Feb 3, - Hello ladies. My son was born on Sunday, and I am looking for a little advice. I have large breasts, and my areolas are pretty large, causing my nipples to become really flat and hard for my son to latch on to when soft. Sometimes, it's hard for him to get onto the breast and he pulls away even when I get the  4 months of pain, shallow latch, lipstick nipple. Sheena. Age: 21. Hello Dear Is Matching Your Lipstick to Your Nipples the Key to a Flattering Lip Color? We Investigate! Oct 23, - With a memoir titled “Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy,” Geralyn Lucas turned her battle with breast cancer at age 27 into a sassy calling card for everything from inspirational speeches to flashing her scar to other survivors. After all, she is a television journalist turned director of public affairs for the. Having recently graduated from Columbia Journalism School and landed her dream job at 20/20, the last thing year-old Geralyn expects to hear is a breast cancer diagnosis. And there is one part of the diagnosis that no one will discuss with her: what it means to be a young girl with cancer in a beauty-obsessed culture.

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Indianna. Age: 22. Welcome! May 8, - I am now considering swatching my favorite lipstick on my boob. This is what the internet has brought me to. — Catherine (@BigBadBraid) May 7, article: ur nipples can be ur perfect lipstick shade! me: *walks into sephora* *pulls out titty* hi can u color match my nipple. Oct 15, - It looks way lighter on my face than I expected, though; I assume that's because, as pale as my face is, my boobs are even paler, so the contrast between my boob skin and the color of my nipples is more obvious. I do like Natural, but it may require a more dramatic eye or heavier blush to look its best on me. Any ideas how to stop this dreaded " lipstick nipple "? lipstick nipple??? Apr 6, at AM. nikkilynn83 wrote: I read that this is a sign of poor latching, and I have it every time my son eats. He's a week old today and my Try sandwiching your breast between your thumb and fingers to help get more in LO's mouth.


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